"We are a private English language school who has worked for years with several systems in order to carry out detailed and complex procedures needed to run our well established school.

We turned to C4B to assist us in creating a one-stop CRMS with all the functions we needed in one place.

The CRMS which they designed has been custom made, and includes everything we need from the moment a student begins studying with us (pre-enrolment and enrolment phase) to course assigning, homework and course planning, timetabling and scheduling, right through to the administrative aspect of payments and deadlines.

Students are able to view their course details (calendars, homework and payments made and due).

Teachers can update attendance registers, upload worksheets and view their timetable on a weekly basis. They are also kept informed about student cancellations via the same software.

Larger clients with a contact person assigned to oversee the planning of courses (Schools/ Companies) are able to view attendance and progress of their employees or pupils.

On an administrative level, the CRMS gives us access to reports, statistics, contracts and privacy forms, as well as live updates on payments made and due.

Thanks to C4B, who worked with us painstakingly to ensure all our needs were met, we now have tailor-made product that is intelligent, efficient and user-friendly.

C4B offer a personalized experience and are always available on the other end of the phone if we need them to make adjustments or to help us with any doubts or questions we may have. This poduct will be the lifeline for us and no doubt, for other private language schools should they choose to adopt this CRMS designed by C4B.

Thank you for your efforts!"